Wednesday Night Post-Game: Lois

Hello everybody!
I'm sitting at Farmhouse Coffee, waiting for a meeting. Last night was an awesome night of youth ministry. Tons of good fun. Let's take a look!
For starters, you guys have to check the video in the last post. Two of our kids decided that they would help Ed and I out and do the J and Ed Variety Show for us. I nearly peed my pants. It was so wonderful! Ridiculous!
Ed is still in Hawaii on his honeymoon. The above photograph represents the first and only photo I could post after searching "beach bum" (I really need to re-think my search criteria!). The lovely and beautiful Matt came and helped out. It was also Pajama night. The Rubinos never do anything half way! Marilyn came in with hair in rollers and everything!
It was great. I got to teach the middle school kids, which is something that hasn't happened in quite a while. It was good good fun. We talked about how far they would be willing to go for their faith, using a couple of stories from Acts. It was great. 
In completely un-related news, I have a new Crowder inspired file sorting system:

More to come later!