Monday Morning Update

Gooday everybody!
Apparently these no longer take place in the morning. I've been a busy little beaver today, so I just haven't had time in the morning to get stuff out on the blog. Deal with it. I am however drinking a cup of coffee, so it feels like the morning to me!
I have kind of fallen away from the new-years resolution version of the monday updates, so I've changed the categories a little bit. Again, if this offends you, read someone else's blog.
Current Listening: A couple of weeks ago, on the way home from Ed's Bachelor Party, Ben Beitzel (check him out here) introduced me to Brett Dennen. Three weeks later, I bought his album, and I am absolutely in love! Drop what you are doing now and go get one of his albums. NOW! It's beautiful music. 
I have also been chewing on U2's new album, and I don't know if I have any official thoughts yet other than "Get On Your Boots" is pretty dang catchy!
Weight Loss Goal: As I mentioned, I'm changing up the categories. I had fallen away from going to the gym all the time, and this depressed me. That in conjunction with a visit to my Doctor's office today, has led me to try to find a more comprehensive weight loss plan. My doctor gave me a plan, and that included a book. As soon as I'm done here, I'm plannin on sinking my teeth into it's pages. The goal is 50 pounds in 6 months. A steep goal, but doc says it's doable. Pray, pray, pray!
Recording: I am in the midst of recording a new album as mentioned in previous posts. I like where's it's going so far, but so far we're in the beginning stages. I actually started recording this album once around the new year, but I gave up on it because it just wasn't shaping up the way I wanted it to. I think I was trying to force too much rock into it. This album is gearing up to be a bit more chilled out, like a Jack Johnson or a Dave Matthews CD. Of the 12 tracks I'm thinking of including, I've set up 5 of them. If I have some time, I'm going to set up one or two more tonight, including a new one I wrote yesterday called "The Rising Sun". Totally new for me, not at all the style of music I typically do.
Where I'm at Spiritually:Pretty good. It was nice to have a sermon I felt proud of yesterday, and then to write the song in the evening was good. I always feel a bit more plugged into God when songs come that easy, as if he was handing them to me himself.

That's all for now. More later!