Wednesday Night Post-Game: Reset

Hey Bloggers,
Have you ever had an idea that was so great, yet you had the idea a little bit too late so you had to cram about a month's worth of preparation into about a day? That, my friends, has been my weekend.
The story goes a little like this: I was in the youth room on Saturday before Ed's wedding, and the Wii was broken. 
Cue failblog:
It wasn't that bad, and I didn't break anything in the youth room. I just had to push the reset button on the thing and let it cool down a little bit. Kind of like how you used to have to blow on old NES cartridges to make them work.
But then I started thinking about how Lent was pretty much designed to be a spiritual version of just that. We were meant to take a few moments out of our lives (40 of the 365) and push reset. Taking stock in everything that we're up to, how we need to fix things up, maybe clean out a few closets. 
My other big inspiration came from cleaning out the house this weekend, in particular a certain junk drawer that had been collecting way too much junk. This week, I challenged the kids to take an inventory of their lives, and sort out what got to stay and what had to go. Kind of like cleaning out a mental junk drawer. Just dump the contents on to the bed and get to sorting, and don't be afraid to throw things overboard. 
PS, there's a littler blog at our youth group site ( that we're going to be running throughout Lent. If you're interested, I'm looking for a couple of different voices to add to it, so hit me up if you're interested in writing. If not, just keep reading!