Let's talk about sex

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Good morning everyone.
The week before Valentine's Day has been traditionally the week I choose to talk about sex at youth group. This year is no exception, only this year I'm stepping aside from how I usually do things and trying a new approach. It was actually fueled by a friend of mine on our ski retreat weekend, who said something along the lines of "It's more effictive to show people the kingdom they could have instead of the hell their on their way to."

So often I feel like the sex talks I've witnessed and even (sadly) given have all centered around the concept of making the kids feel guilty for having sexual thoughts and desires. That really isn't fair, is it? I mean, God created us in the beginning to have a strong desire to pair up and find our mate, someone God had intended for us. He created a system by which we get to have sex, and make it rather enjoyable. Our kids have these desires to have the world as it was, pre-Eden, pre-fall. The thing we have to fight against is what the world has done with sex since.

In researching for this talk, I discovered that a recent survey showed that 20% of kids admitted to "Sexting", or sending Nude photos of themselves to their boyfriends/girlfriends. Again, I know that I don't want to guilt our kids or make them feel bad about this. Isn't it easier to tell them that there is a better plan for their sexual lives than trying to stare at a naked body on a 2x3 inch screen? Not to mention, what makes me truly sad about the art of sexting is that if you're under 18, you can be charged for possession of child pornography for taking pictures of yourself.

The moral of the story is I'm still working through all of this for the talk tonight, and I could use some prayers. I'm not sure how it's all going to play out, but I'll keep you in the loop!


Christine Waller said...

Looks like you're taking a good angle on things! Will be interested to know how the talk goes...

jake clawson said...

Holla Balla!