Sunday Post-Game: Slacking.

Greetings readers!
It was such a busy weekend, I had to post the Sunday Post game a day late. Sorry about that to those of you who faithfully await the recounting of Sunday's adventures. However, I will gladly take the delay, because there were absolutely no technical issues this week at the Bridge! NONE! Say it ain't so!
Actually, this Sunday update starts on Friday, when I spent my third and final weekend on the Camp Harmony tour. Can this be a space for some serious encouragement? The folks at Camp Harmony are doing a terrific job. All three of the weekends were a wonderful time. The first weekend I played drums for Mark, and then the second two I was the worship leader. It was just some good clean fun. I really enjoy leading worship for a group of energetic kids. But again, I really can't compliment the Harmony staff enough. They're doing a terrific job, which is surprising when you consider the guy in charge has destroyed somewhere around 6 cars:
Sunday I returned to Westminster to lead the Bridge. I had a moment when I walked into the WROC with my amp and guitars, when I remembered why I loved this worship service so much. It's just fun to be around this group of people, this community of believers. I guess in a way, it was just a feeling as I walked in the door that I was home.
It was a small worship team, just me Alan Jeff and EWoo. In fact, we were pretty tight that way. I played electric guitar all weekend, which was fun. We mic'ed it for the first time, just to make sure you could hear it no matter where you were in relation to the amp. The set list was:
  • Undignified
  • Everything Glorious
  • He Was There
  • Mighty to Save
  • Hold Me Closer
We haven't played some of those songs in a while, and it was fun to see the congregation respond. All in all it was a really good morning of worship. And did I mention that there were absolutely no technical issues?

(Didn't even watch. Probably shouldn't have.)
Don't go far. The Monday Morning Update is coming.