Sunday Post Game: Technology and the Bridge Will Never Get Along.

Hi kids,
Today we continued a losing streak when it comes to Jim attending the Bridge and Technology. His microphone died right at the beginning of the sermon. It worked fine during sound check. I'm personally asking Congress this week for federal bailout money.

(Sugar Daddy)
On top of that, I was dead dog tired today, because last night we were rocking away at Ed and Elise's wedding. A great time was had by all, but it led to a very sleepy morning that even Starbucks cannot cure. 

Can I admit it is hard to worship in these moments? It's hard enough to get yourself to wake up out of a slumber, but to do so on a day when nothing was working technologically? Mandi did a terrific job leading worship, except her microphone kept falling down. Jim's sermon was wonderful, except I could not hear it over the heater fan. It was a tough morning. 

I desperately want our new sound system. Tomorrow. 

Tough loss today too. On the rebound though. 
More later.