Wednesday Night Post Game: A perfect storm

Hello friends.
The cold still lingers, though today is probably the best I've felt all week. Though last night, I was horrified that the cold was going to ruin Veritas. I was half tempted to ask Ed to cover for me while I went home to sleep, but then a slight family situation arose for Ed, and he had to leave for the evening. I was on my own again.
So I did what any average human being would do in my situation:
That's right. Shortly after lunch time, with writing the talk still hanging over my head, I laid down on our incredibly comfortable couch and took a nap. I felt like I was in Kindergarden again. I laid down on the couch and put my laptop on a chair beside me to play an episode of CSI.

(Gil Grissom is the MAN!)
I can't remember at all what happened in the episode. I was out like a light man. Right out.
Matt came to hang out with us and teach the Jr. High. He is far and away my hero. The night might have been horrible without him, given my cold and my inability to speak in a normal voice.

Oh, and add to the mix that last night was the last installment of the sex talk.

It all went really well. We played some kickball, rocked and rolled some worship, and then talked about making babies. I want to write a little bit more about the sex talk in depth, some of the reasons why it's one of my favorite talks to give and at the same time one of my least favorite talks to give. But I think that's for a later post.
Today I am home, waiting for the Comcast people. I'm going to get caught up on some writing (talks and sermons and books) and watch some more CSI.

Do it.