Going black

In a matter of moments, Sarah and I will be hoping in the car and driving to New York for a week of vacation. I'm very glad to be getting some time to relax, and to take care of myself, but as I mentioned previously, I'll be going completely black. No twitter. No facebook. No blog. No work e-mail. A complete digital withdrawal.

This is going to be tough for me, but I really want to make sure I do this. One of the talks from the conference that shaped this for me was Leonard Sweet's "Be There" talk. If my wife is going to go through the trouble of a 6 hour drive to New York with me, and choose to spend her time with me, then I owe her my best. I need to "be there", not in cyberspace somewhere. So I'm out everybody. I'll be back next week, when we gear up for Veritas. I'll blog all about the new sound system's installation. I'll tweet annoying things like "check out these pancakes". But until then, my attention will be undivided...

Till then,