The only eulogy I'm giving today.

Hello friends.
I have been missing from the blog for the past couple of days, and that is because a very dear friend of mine passed away this weekend., no.
Actually, this makes me mad on several levels today, and I'll likely post about it soon.

But let us mourn together, for this weekend, my good and trusted friend, my Macbook Pro, passed away.

It has a traumatic life from day one. Upon it's first induction into our family, while I was still a part of the rock and roll extravaganza known as Everyday Giant, Dan Shaffer opened my car door, and my backpack fell to the earth. The Macbook suffered a large dent in it's side, including a nice opening of the casing. This was troublesome, as it was only a day old. However, because Macs are super machines that will someday take over the world, my good friend healed himself of the wound just a few weeks later.

Things were going smoothly for a while there. This machine did everything! It was my primary sermon writing device. It held my information like a pro! It even turned into a recording studio, allowing me to record the fateful solo album "Between the Trees." Alas, in the past year, things started to go downhill.

One day, while hanging out with Ed at his new house, the backpack was once again dropped. It fell on the exact same corner, and did probably double the damage. EMS crews arrived on the scene, and after some mouth to mouth the Macbook was back up and running. That is of course until the next day when I was setting up for the Bridge. Turns out that while the power cord is magnetic and will detach if you trip over it, the VGA display cord is very much not. In fact, it's screwed to the body of the computer. This is problematic when dealing with clumsy youth pastors, as the computer fell once again. This time however, it fell on the opposite side, and so at least it was nice and evened out.

Again, the computer was working fine and normally. It was at this point that I believed firmly that this computer was sort of like the salty old pirate. He could survive anything. If you chopped off his leg, he would get a peg leg and somehow be even cooler than when he first started. This computer was the bomb.

Then a few weeks ago, the backpack fell for yet a fourth time. (Those following closely might wonder the same thing as me, when I will be getting a new backpack. Answer: Soon!) The original corner was struck again, and though it took some time, this proved to be the fatal blow. On Sunday, July 5th, my friend was pronounced dead at the Apple Store at South Hills Village. I only cried for about an hour and a half.

The folks at Apple informed me that the cost to repair my old sea captian would be about 1,200 bucks. A new laptop costs 1,199 bucks. I feel as though there is a conspiracy behind all this, but I'm keeping it to myself. So today, I said goodbye to my old friend, and welcomed a new friend into the family.

A new Macbook Pro 13inch. I upgraded it with 4 gigs of RAM, and for about a thousand dollars less than I paid for my old lappy, I have a smaller and more powerful lappy. Technology is crazy!

For that matter, because I was a frequent user of Time Machine (Apple's automatic back up feature), when I installed my new computer, it went back to defalts from the old machine. It's really just like staring at a smaller and faster carbon copy of my old machine. I say again, technology is crazy!

And so I'm back to working on the book and other computer insanity. More blogs to come about how it's impossible to get news today because one person died. (Yeah, I'm bitter).