Day One Part One: Man I feel like a jerk.

Ok, so while I still think this is one of the funniest images to make it's way to J-Blog in quite some time, the people here are not nearly as backwoods as one might have imagined. Nor are we in the midst of cornfields yet. Granted, we haven't ventured to the church yet, but at the moment it's quite metropolitan. Here's the obligatory travel log from yesterday:

(Captain's Log)
We went to the airport at 3:00 for a 5:15 flight, as we have been told countless times by countless people that in this day and age one must arrive at least two hours before a flight to avoid the issue of airport security. We checked in at a little computer, and made our way through the security. They checked my shoes to make sure they weren't bombs. I apologized for the smell. Getting through security took no more than 5 minutes. So now we had an hour and forty five minutes to goof off in the Pittsburgh Airport, which as it turns out is not the most happening place to be.

While we were sitting there, my name was called over to the counter. I was asked if I was willing to move to make room for a family who had a small baby, and I said sure. People, I was just trying to be a good guy! I did not realize that my actions would move me up to first class, leaving Curt alone to fend for himself with the infant who couldn't be more pissed that mom turned of Dora the Explora (the only way to spell that and make any sense). I apologize deeply to everyone I may have offended for my upgrade. Suckers...

After a couple of hours of flight and layover time, we made it to KC. I stood in line for quite some time, and then managed to get the new girl at the Avis counter. For reasons beyond my understanding, Avis uses computers that apparently still communicate in binary. To rent a car is to spend hours upon hours standing at the counter, waiting for the nice young lady to figure out what language she needs to use to put stuff in the computer. I just wanted my car. Eventually we were handed the keys to a very nice Ford Focus, complete with a GPS navigation system. Her name is Gwen, and she's from Austrailia. Plus, at one point the focus told me the parking brake was engaged, so I think there's some inner-car romance going on here...

We drove to our hotel, but made a quick pit stop at my health club.

Today we're going to try to find something to do in KC. The conference doesn't start until this afternoon, so we may end up driving around and seeing what we can find. That is of course as long as the parking brake can keep his mits off Gwen long enough for her to get us anywhere.

Another update tonight after worship!