YouTube Round Up Volume One

Hi there everybody!
It's a slow day here in the office. Ed has gone to Ohiopyle with some of the kids for a whitewater rafting trip, and I have decided to stay behind for my own safety. However, in the last few days, youtube has offered up some absolute gold that must be shared with the masses. And so I present to you the YouTube round up, volume one. Hopefully there will be many many more.

Let's start here:

If you own this product, please jump off a bridge. Who in the world comes up with something like that, and keeps it in the house with them? That will get your morning off to the right start!

Moving on to happier things:

It was a month ago. That's all. My goodness. So much has happened in a month. Take a look at that last save by Fleury again. It will steal the breath from your lungs. Oh, so magical!

Now, this is a two parter. Some of you may have seen what is one of my favorite videos on the interweb:

Which leads us to this:

The number of things that went right here are exceptional. The acting, the special effects, the dissing of people like me who tweet every waking second of the day. It all comes together so well. Watch it again. Giggle with joy.

I am officially out of coffee. There will be no blogging without coffee!

Later all!


EDIT: Last minute entry.
Holy Cow people, our society is messed up.