Day Two Part Two: I found you!

Hello bloggers!
I've made some adjustments around here in the digital media world. I have switched over to tweet deck, mostly because I think I was annoying the heck out of all my friends on facebook with my constant twitter updates. So I will only update both together when I have something to shamelessly self-promote, say a blog of some kind.

This afternoon was the best. I'm so very tired as we've crashed back into the hotel room. This afternoon I attended a seminar offered by Paul Baloche. Seriously, it was an entire hour almost on how to open a worship service, but man it was one of the best hours of my week. We talked our way around a whole bunch of stuff as regards worship leading, to the point that I have two pages of notes, but really none of it really goes together. It's like Paul Baloche had so much to get out today that it couldn't be contained. I liked that.

(Seriously, I keep forgetting how much of a game day player this photograph is!)

After that seminar, I moved on to see Vicky Beeching teach about song writing. It was super nice to hear someone who comes at song writing from such a theological background, everything being well thought out, we researched, and well organized. I want to spend more time writing, hopefully when I get back home I will log more journal hours with a guitar in hand.

The one thing that both speakers emphasized (though not outwardly, just by their actions and tones) was a love for the local congregation. I have to say, I absolutely love that. Going into my third year at Westminster, there's not a single Sunday that I walk in the door without this feeling of love for the people and the place God has put me in. None of this makes any sense without the local church, and while so many people can start to feel like they need to be rockstars to be successful, it was nice to be affirmed for wanting to stay in the place I am.

After the workshops, Curt and I went to this local restaurant for Bar-B-Que. While the experience itself was exceptional and sent my taste buds on an adventure that they will not soon forget, the after effects tonight are regrettable. Probably more than you wanted to know, but I'm taking an indepth look at the convention here people!

Tonight's worship leaders were nothing short of spectacular! I have been finding all kinds of new worship leaders to put on my iPod, and tonight's that really stuck with me was Aaron Shust. Laura Story and Mac Powel were great, don't get me wrong. But when Aaron came out for the closing set tonight, his hat had but one logo on it that sealed the deal:

That's right folks. He loves Jesus and the Penguins. He's an ace in my book.

My hair is disgusting, so I'm going to take a shower tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow. Seriously, I look like Flock of Seagulls.

Goodnight and Godspeed,