Day Two Part One: Sweet.

Greetings from day two, which started from extreme coffee depravation. Turns out this church has it's own coffee bar in the lobby. Monkey Mocha = Divine inspiration.

Our general session introduced me to two people whom I think I will be following quite closely for quite some time. The first is Jeremy Riddle. At times I wonder how it's possible that I could go this long and allow a worship leader like him to slip through my fingers, but none the less I'm on the train now. His song "Sweetly Broken" will absolutely be showing up at the Bridge in the very near future. Count on it.

Then we heard what might be the finest sermon I've heard in a long time about the postmodern culture we find ourselves in. The whole thing will be available online soon, and I will absolutely link you to it if it is indeed legal to do so. The overall point of the sermon though was that we need to "Be there." This counts for both worship leading and youth ministry I think. He also made a great point that in our culture today there seems to be a trend of allowing completely opposite concepts to exist at the same time without contradicting each other. When you think about it, this is what Jesus was all about. We must become humble to become great. The first shall be last. Stuff like that. It was a neat sermon, and I'm sure I'll be writing more about it later.

My first choice in seminar this morning was way too crowded. I would have to sit outside the door and hope to be able to hear everything. So I spent my time with another monkey mocha and a sermon, which I desperately need to finish before Friday so that I can spend my vacation, you know, on vacation.

Which, by the by, I will be completely unplugging during vacation. No blog. No Twitter. No anything. I am sure all three of you who follow me on those things are crushed. Get over it.

Now I am sitting waiting for the Paul Baloche session on creating flow. I heard him give this presentation a bunch of years ago, and I'm hoping that I will learn some new stuff this time around. If you'd like, you can follow me through the sessions this afternoon at

Until tonight!