Day One Part Two: Why were we here again?

This is a Garmin GPS device for your car. It is the only reason Curt and I are alive right now. It has led us to all kinds of delicious restaurants and movie theaters. But then, sometime around four o'clock today, we remembered that we came here for a national worship leaders conference, and so we finally asked are Garmin (named Gwen by me) to take us to the church. She obliged.

This is the sign from the church we are visiting. It is the only image that I could find of the church in a very brief search of google images, and that's probably because that is the only part of the church that will fit in a camera lens. The place is huge people! They have a separate building to house their youth (are you taking notes Westminster?) which is bigger I think than our entire complex (are you taking notes Westminster?) The multi-media is unrivaled, just stunning stuff going on (are you...ah never mind.) It's a pretty cool place to be, and I haven't even been into the merch tent yet. (are you running for the hills Westminster?)

At one point there was a video that really stuck with me. A guy was being interviewed about Arts Pastors (something I don't even think the Presbyterian Church recognizes), and he said (I'm paraphrasing due to sucky memory) "The Church used to be the patrons of the Arts. We need to reclaim that." What a true statement! We used to be the driving force behind most of the art in the world. DiVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, those other Turtles, they were all influenced and in most cases contracted by the Church. And they weren't poorly recreating what the secular arts were doing, they were setting the trend for the secular world. We need to reclaim that. Absolutely.

Greg Laurie was our speaker tonight, and he gave an incredible sermon. I would post a bunch of the ideas and thoughts from his sermon, but it really did a good job of feeding into a sermon that I'm working on for when I get home, so I'm going to leave that one till a little bit later. Suffice it to say I was really challenged, and it was a really good sermon. And then after him...

Crowder. Owned it. It's always fun to fall back into the hotel room with a completely hoarse voice from singing at a Crowder concert. Good times, good times indeed.

Wonder how big of a stink this story is making back home?

More tomorrow.