Back in the saddle.

Hello bloggers!
It's good to be home from a long vacation! We spent a great week in New York City, including an entire media blackout for me. No twitter. No facebook. No blog. It was tough, but it was really good for me. Kind of like getting a shot.

We spent some time at the beach with Marley, and of course there are pictures:

(strange terrain)

(puppy and daddy running)

(Dude, this water moves!)

(Worn out!)

I also spent a little bit of time in New York City, my absolute favorite place to visit!

(Somebody's getting rich, and it ain't me!)

(Been thinking about this for a while, and I don't have a caption for this that's funnier than the sign itself)

(Put a hotel here and beat your sister at Monopoly!)

(Bad hair piece needed to enter)

(Manhattan from Brooklyn)

It was a great trip, and super relaxing. But man am I ready to get back to work! All that boredom that plagued us before our trips is gone, and we are in absolute go mode for the 2009/2010. On this week's to-do list:

  • More promo videos for the Bridge (the first one will be on youtube soon!)
  • Figuring out our new small group initiative (got a big jump on this today, pretty slick)
  • Get the kickoff in order (this years will be the easiest ever...thank goodness)
  • Figure out a good way to bring in the new 7th graders and make them feel welcome.

Pretty good to-do list. I'm so excited to start tackling it.