The force of Twitter.

Hello friends.
I'm working on some thoughts on a bunch of subjects today, but I wanted to start with something that surprised me (but shouldn't).

Earlier this morning, Twitter took a hit because someone unleashed some sort of virusy thing. (Obviously I have paid very close attention to the details of this story)

The story was on the top of Google news when it first came out, which I was kind of surprised by. Twitter is supposedly not as popular as the ever-growing Facebook, and a lot of times, people tell me that I am in the minority for my love of the bird.

But what really floored me was that in the last couple of minutes, the Senate confirmed the very first hispanic for the supreme court. And while that news was historic and epic, the Twitter whale still made it's presence known at the very top of Google News. It hung there for a little while, and just fell the number two spot a few moments ago. It's kind of like watching TRL.

My question is this: Just how much does Twitter impact the work we do as youth pastors? (Oh yeah, that's what this blog is about!) If the mainstream media is willing to pay that much attention to a momentary lapse of service, how big of a hold does Twitter really have on our kids (and us for that matter)? Only time will tell, but it's definitely worth thinking about.