Where have you been Mr?

Yes, I have been asleep at the wheel. Things have just been crazy busy in my world, and blogging has taken a back seat to trying to get stuff done. I apologize for this temporary lapse in judgement, and am now ready to return to the blog full force. Ready set?

Probably the most exciting part of my week (and by exciting I mean horrifying) is that my wife and I tag teamed to run my iPhone through the wash. Apparently, submerging a piece of flawless technology in water and beating it up against the iron walls of a washing machine is no good. I went to Apple for a suggestion. What they told me almost made me pee my pants:

They asked me to place the iPhone in a bowl of rice. Apparently the rice will suck out all the moisture. I'll keep you posted. 

I preached today at the Bridge. I hope that this blog can be a kind of place where we as a church can gather and have a discussion that goes a little bit further than a simple sermon can. I walked everyone through John chapter 7, just trying to let the scriptures speak to us all. In John 7, Jesus seems pretty beat up and tired.

I wonder what makes us tired? I wonder what the things are in our lives that just make us want to sit down and cry a bit. I know for me that these things are many, and that they are too many to list. 

What makes you tired?