I'm sick, and technology is ridiculous!

Hello everyone. 
Sorry there hasn't been much posting lately, I've been on the couch the last day and a half with a killer migraine. I feel as though it is just now leaving me, so I thought I'd pop online and make a post. Thanks to everyone who was praying for me!
I've had issues with technology lately, and they've been resolved. Being a huge dork, I thought I'd share my joy.

Everyone in my office works on a PC. This disturbs me greatly. I have been a Mac guy since I graduated college. My aunt bought me an iBook G4 for graduation, and I've been hooked ever since. Not just for personal gains, but for the ability to make such wonderful additions to my ministry:


However, the Mac was having a very hard time communicating with the other fine folks in my office. But then PJ (our wonderful tech dude) brought home the bacon.

It turns out that with a wonderful program called Parallels, one can run Windows on a Mac. This seems to me to only point out Mac's supremacy, as it can actually be two computers at the same time. None the less, I can finally access a ton of stuff that I couldn't before, all while still making funny movies. 
So as soon as my migraine goes away, I'll be back to work with two computers in one. 
I'm a Mac, and super proud of it.