...by the seat of my pants...

It is 11:10 PM on Saturday. 
The Pittsburgh Penguins have just finished yet another come from behind third period upset. This one was particularly wonderful because a group of friends joined us to watch the festivities. The blue uniforms (though a great look and nod to the past) are not at all intimidating. But hey, a win's a win.

All of the above mentioned events have led to unpresidented procrastination on my part. After watching some different speakers a few weekends ago who just seemed a bit more free-flowing, I dropped the idea of a massive outline. Last week, I was just totally off the cuff. It showed. There were a few times that the ideas that were in my powerpoint were either out of order, or I said them before I realized I already had them in my powerpoint. It was disorganized and sloppy. 

So tonight I just wrote the sermon for tomorrow. I still want that kind of free-flowing feel, but with a sense that I know what I'm doing in the background. This week I went with a three point outline, that I'll keep pretty big and set aside or even at my feet, so it appears that I'm winging it without actually having to wing it. We'll see how it goes.
I just love that at Westminster I've had an opportunity to grow a bit in my preaching. Not that I didn't in other places, but I never really had many chances to preach, so I never really had many chances to get a coherent and consistent style going. Let's see how tomorrow works out.
And just because they're on a six game winning streak, let's close tonight by taking a look at how the Penguins are actually big dorks.