are you at peace with this book?

Two blog posts tonight. Lots of stuff on my mind.
The first thought is this: Are you at peace with this book?
I get this question from a General Session at NYWC this year by Francis Chan. He began that talk with that question, and then asked it again at his church this week (I subscribed to their podcast after hearing him speak). But what really impressed me about this question was how well he backed it up. He spoke without any bells and whistles, without any other theologians backing up his thoughts. He walked up on the stage, asked that question, and then read the scriptures. 
As I've been planning my sermons for the Bridge in the next few weeks, I wonder what kind of preacher I would be if I just opened the Bible and tried to discern what it meant in a community setting. I wonder how much more powerful my sermons could be if I just got out of the way, and instead of trying to use a neat Rob Bell illustration or a piece of curriculum I pulled from the web I let God speak to our congregation through His Word. 
So to all of you youth leaders and other preachers who check in on this thing, what would it be like for us to only read the scriptures and do our best to let the do the talking? Obviously there are problems with this theory, but I'm curious as to your thoughts!