Love one another?

Sorry it took me so long to post my typical after Bridge thoughts. It's been a rather weird day, complete with an incredibly long nap.
Tammy had the hill today. She always does an incredible job. Today we were looking at 1 John 4:7-16, about how God has called us to love one another. Tammy had the guts to use that passage to deal with the usual tendencies to want to kill your family members at the Thanksgiving dinner table. On the one hand, I was really glad that someone had the guts to take that issue on. A lot of times, we like to pretend that everything is OK when our worlds are in turmoil, and that's not the essence of Christianity. 

But then I really started to think about the Thanksgiving Holiday, and how my family doesn't really fight at all. The closest thing to drama we got was the one year that my Grandfather (who doesn't hear well at all) thought that Sarah was pregnant and that she and I were hiding it. Turns out, he had overheard my aunt talking about her friend Tara who was pregnant. (In case anyone was wondering, Sarah and I are no where near ready to have kids). Though certainly I'll always be able to entertain our kids when the time arrives:
So what's the funniest Thanksgiving story you have? If we can't laugh, we're just not living.