The Consumer Word, and why I would not fit in...

Hello friends,
I am still learning where this Blog fits in terms of topic. It started out as a blog for youth ministers, by youth ministers. Now I think it's sort of the hub of the Youth Ministry/Bridge/GLOW at Westminster. I'm more than OK with that, I just hope that people will hop on and read and comment and take part in the conversation. Otherwise it will only be me and some goofy youtube videos:
I took the afternoon to come down here to Farmhouse Coffee and enjoy a cup of Java and hopefully gain some ground on the more creative items on my to-do list. No dice there so far, but I have seen something that truly disturbs me.
They have placed a Starbucks right across the street from Farmhouse. That drives me crazy.
(Personal Note: Blogger fixed the issues with photographs, making it much easier to add them now. I am happy!)
But serriously, Starbucks? I am a big fan of coffee, and I know that they have some success, but I feel like it's so cold and overdone in the dining room of your typical 'bucks. I'd much rather sit in a place with a little bit of personality and warmth. 
So this is a call to arms.

We must keep Farmhouse alive. Everyone come here to drink their favorite caffeine infused beverage. They must remain, and the corporate giant must be shown they cannot push us all around.