Post 19: I will not celebrate post 20.

Greetings friends.
Today's Bridge faced more technical problems than Apollo 13.
First of all, it was a day where I was both the preacher and the worship leader. I hate those days. A lot of people don't really see why, but it's so hard for me to keep my focus on both of those identities. So much so that I actually left my guitar at home this morning, and had to ask Ed to break into my house and get it. 
For a sermon today, I basically walked us the whole way through human history. Only took me 20 minutes. I was actually trying out my sermon for First Presby in Murrysville in two weeks, just to make sure I could actually preach something without an outline. So far I've been pretty free flowing, and I don't think it's been messy.
I spoke about Jesus being our Everlasting Father, and how Jesus has been with us every step of the way. Furthermore, I worked us through how because Jesus always was, is, and will be, that means Jesus wants to work us through our past, present, and future. I feel pretty good about what it will look like at First Presby, save the few minor issues we had:
#1) The microphone didn't work.

After spending about as much time as I was willing to spend trying to fix it without results, I wound up screaming my whole sermon. Which any other day would have been fine, except that I was the worship leader as well, so a scratchy voice did wonderful things to the last two songs of the day.

#2) Christmas Lights
My sermon illustration for the day involved Christmas lights. However, during the set up, it turned out the light string was about six inches shy of the extension chord that would provide them power.
(4th and inches)
I was comforted a little by Ed's laughter.

(Moral Support)
*Sidney Crosby is not a human being

*I am on vacation this week, so I will probably not be posting.
*GLOW starts this week, you should come (yes, I will be there) (yes, during my vacation)