Notebook: NYWC Day One

I am super tired. I will try my hardest to post all my thoughts on the day, make it interesting, and still be in bed at a reasonable hour.
Game on:
-Woke up at 7:45. This was sad. 
-Walked over to the convention center, realizing along the way that there were maybe 10-30 billion hotels much closer. I am fat, and so this is an issue.
-Thought about going to a seminar in the morning, but laziness took over. This was predictable. 
-Instead spent the morning in the exhibit hall, where we discovered that a fundraiser could be done at Westminster by selling coffee
This of course made me this happy:

-General session one was outstanding. Starfield brought the rock and brought it hard. Mike Pilavachi was the speaker. He was from Britain. 

Even if this failed to be true, he spoke directly to where I am right now, and it was wonderful. He spoke a ton about letting kids take the reigns a little bit, even if they might fail at it (or worse, be better at it than we are). Awesome. Easily the high point of the day. 
-We went to lunch at Atrias. I ordered the Hawaiian Chicken. MMMMMMMM......
-We made it back just in time for semiar series #2. I do not mean to belittle anyone, but this speaker totally bombed. 

The topic was theology in youth ministry, and our speaker just did everything he could to not talk about how to use theology in youth ministry. In all seriousness, please pray for me on this one, because we've been talking about him all day, and I don't think we've done so in the most Christ-like and loving manner, which is no good. So we brush that one off, and move on to dinner.
-We ate at Premanti's Brothers. You must when you are in Pittsburgh I guess. 
-The evening session was neat. There were three speakers that dealt with three hot button issues facing the church today:
Shutting up for a second and listening for God


It was a really good discussion and a really good day. Right now though I'm so tired I can't see straight, so I'm going to bed.

More tomorrow.