Sunday Caffeine Rush

Let's face it. If you're anything like me, you are exceptionally tired on Sunday morning. So in an effort to make it through the typical hoopla of our various Sunday morning responsibilities, you jolt up on Starbucks (or it's regional equivalent). Thusly, on Sunday afternoons, you are as dead as St. Louis' Super Bowl hopes.

So to help you get through the day on Sunday, we will be posting random news (for either personal or ministry use) in a manner that even the most tweaked youth pastor would understand. Check it out!

Ditching your kids in Nebraska was a good idea...
I was informed this week that there used to be a law in Nebraska where you could ditch your kids in a hospital if you no longer wanted them. The law was designed to cut down on abortion rates, and provide pregnant women in less-than-ideal situations a way to make it better. However, when people started leaving teenagers at the hospitals as a way to get rid of their noise, the law was changed to be good only for children three days old or younger. In related news, our Jr. High Mission trip to Lincoln is cancelled.

"Batman" Theme Writer Dies at 85
Neal Hefti, composer of the "Batman" and "Odd Couple" Themes has died this week at 85. Our kids probably have no idea what these themes sound like, but who hasn't based at least one lock-in on the idea of a thought bubble that says "Pow"

52 Cows Killed by single lightning strike.
A farmer in Uruguay was probably pretty pissed to discover that his cows had all huddled around a metal fence during a thunderstorm. He called it a tragedy, I call it dinner.

Enjoy the weekend!