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Hello friends!

Today is the big day! A group from Westminster Presbyterian Church has been planning to go to Haiti for quite some time, and we're getting on the plane at 5:00 tonight! The best news of all though is that my wife and father in law will both be on the trip as well, and so it's a whole family affair! I'm really excited about what God's going to do in our lives through this trip. I'm really excited to see how God is moving in and through the people of Haiti, and how our stories can intersect. I'm really pumped for new worship experiences, both formal and informal, new ways to meet God in a new place.

That's the best part of mission trips, I think. To change the scenery a little bit on your typical prayer life and devotionals, to take a step out of the normal and dare I even say comfortable in your life, so that God can interact with you in a way that he might not be able to while you're at home. So I ask for prayers, that our team would be open. Open to do whatever we can to help the people of Haiti, and also open to allow God to have his way with our hearts through this trip.

I think there will be internet down where we are, though it may be spotty at best, so I'm hoping to hop on and post some pictures and updates of the trip. If the internet is fussy, I'll keep writing the posts any way and then share them when I get back to the States. Your continued prayers are amazing, and I look forward to what God has in store for us through this trip!