Hitting the books

Stack of books 2

Hello friends,

Now that the dust has been shaken off from the trip to Haiti (actually, not true, there's still a ton of dust on all my shoes from the trip) it's time to get back into work. Today being my day off, I'm trying to get caught up on work for school.

I left school for the trip with a 98% in the class, and I'm trying with all my might to hold on to that score. I've probably mentioned on the blog a few thousand times that I'm not a very academic minded person, and so doing well in school is a brand new thing for me. And so I'm trying to strike this balance in my brain that I'm absolutely struggling to find: how good is good enough?

I have limited time during the days, working full time, being a full time husband, training for upcoming summer cycling events, and trying to keep a band together and practicing, so school has to find it's place in that scheme of things. However, I'm not paying $1000 a class to sit around and do poorly, so I'm certainly going to give absolutely everything I have.

Does anyone else out there feel caught in the tension between the two? I'd love to hear some thoughts, if only to know that I'm not crazy and all by myself!