Haiti Update #2: Education

IMG 0009

Greetings again faithful readers!

The picture above is the view from our rooftop circa 6:45 this morning. The sunrise here is unbelievable! This strikes me as rather odd/sad, because the sun rises just like that in Pittsburgh, but I'm never attentive or awake enough to notice it. Something to work on in the future I'm sure.

Yesterday was our first real work day here in La Croix. The morning went by rather slowly, as we were all looking for ways that we could pitch in and help out, but the jobs were few and far between while the students were at work. But around lunch time, we found ourselves needing to paint 20 chalkboards for the school. This has contributed to my hands having a slightly greenish tint to them for what would appear to be the remainder of the trip. This morning we used our brute strength to carry those bad boys across the square and into the school.

In the afternoons, we've been helping Reeny with her English classes. That has been the most fun part of the trip for me at least. Yesterday we were working on the difference between the words "reading" and "writing", which is rather difficult with a Haitian accent. But man, the look on the kids faces when they figured it out, that was worth more than a solid brick of gold.

In fact, education seems to be one of the biggest and most important aspects of our trip and our mission here in La Croix. Bobbie has her chemistry class, those of us who are mechanically inclined (and the fact that I fit in that category should scare us all) are working in the school building that Westminster's capital campaign raised funds for. Reeny has her English class. Paul is building a computer workstation for the kids with state of the art education software on it. It's truly amazing to see how much learning has been going on down here.

I hope I'm learning too. My biggest prayer in all of this is that God is at work in me, educating me in the ways of his Kingdom through these beautiful children that we get to meet each and every day. I think that he is, but if you wouldn't mind joining me in that prayer, that'd be spectacular.

More to come.