Building our own Jesus

Lego jesus

Hello again friends,

Most of my work at the Seminary these past few weeks has centered around the so called quest for the historical Jesus. Summerizing hundreds of years of scholarly work in two seconds for you, it is an attempt to find the "real" Jesus, divorced from the agenda and theology of the Gospels, and focusing only on provable historical facts. If I'm more than honest, it's about as exciting as watching the grass grow.

You see, as I pour over the countless scholars who have submitted their own idea of what Jesus must have looked like, I realize that the "Jesus'" they're all coming up with look incredibly like the scholars studying them. If you are a liberal, non-violent scholar, you tend to build a liberal, non-violent Jesus. If you are a conservative evangelical scholar, you tend to build a conservative evangelical Jesus. Where it turns truly comical is when these scholars lose their creations upon each other, noting how absurd it is that the other side could ever craft something like that.

I hope that as I work with the students at Veritas, I'm not presenting myself dressed up like Jesus. I hope that I'm letting Jesus have his way with my entire life, including the part of my life that defines who Jesus is to me. I hope I am less concerned with the answers of who the "real" Jesus is, and more concerned with the questions the REAL Jesus is asking of me (Have you fed my sheep today Jason?) God created us in His image, and it is our job to find ourselves in his vast expanse, rather than placing him into our world...

...however tempting that might be.