Neue thinks I'm J-Lo

I was driving home from Pine Spring Camp today, catching up on some old Podcasts I'd kind of fallen behind on. If you find yourself in church ministry in any way shape or form, you need to be hooked up with Neue. It's a magazine/resource box brought to you by the fine folks at Relevant Magazine, and they have a really awesome heart for where the Church is headed. Anyway, I was listening to their podcast today, and I was really challenged.

They were interviewing Glenn Packiam, and they compared him to Jennifer Lopez. People say that she's a "triple threat" because she knows how to act and sing and dance, and does each fairly well. They noted that Glenn is a preacher, worship leader, and author all in the same package, and that made him a sort of "Christian J-Lo."

Wait...that's me too!

But the interview was interesting on a number of levels. How do you balance your ministry when it has so many aspects to it? It doesn't often flash across our minds at Westminster because we're all pitching in on different levels, but when you realize that Ed and I run both a weekly youth ministry gathering (plus all the outside events that go with it) and a weekly worship service (including both preaching and worship leading) and do a fair amount of writing both for things in our church (newsletters etc) and outside (again, more on this later!), you realize that our time gets pretty widely spread around.

How does a person balance this ministry? It's something I've been struggling with lately. At times it seems like I put a lot of energy into the youth ministry side of things at the expense of the worship leading. Sometimes it's the other way around, I'm so focused on the Bridge that I lose a little bit of my edge with Veritas. God's strength is awesome when I am less than awesome, and covers me and helps me to keep a careful balance. But all the same, it's something I'm working through this week.

To those of us who are "triple threats" (or double threats, or whatever...) how do you balance the different aspects of what you've got going on? What insights can you share with us?

Because the last thing anyone wants is me dancing in a skimpy outfit singing Jenny from the Block.




RELEVANT said...

You're totally like J-Lo. :)

~ The Team Behind Neue

Jason Freyer said...

Dude, did you see the author photo? J-Lo is a stretch...