I will blog more...starting NOW!

Good evening friends!
Man alive, there are so many things going on in my world right now! It's insane! I've been doing tremendous amounts of ministry and worship leading at Westminster. I've been playing gigs with Tree Anthem. And I've been working on some writing projects with some pretty big name folks (more on this later). But In all of that, I've felt like the blog has been ignored. SO...I've resolved to write at least one blog post a day.

But this thing is supposed to be about you, the readers! So while I'm working on some thoughts of my own, I was wondering what you all want to read about. Are there issues in youth ministry or worship leading or Pittsburgh Sports or really anything in life that you would like some clarity on? Not promising I have any clarity to give away...

Let me know in the comments. Then keep tuning in!




Lauren said...

I'd definitely like to hear about worship leading. :)