Everyone Else is Doing It!

Ok, let's start here. This photograph is among the first to show up when you type in "peer pressure" for Google images. Does that guy even look like HE enjoys drinking? Unbelievable...we could break that down for a while, but there are bigger things to get to here.

As I was thinking about how the blog has been essentially ignored for the last little while, I realized that a lot of the blogs I read have some sort of daily devotional. Basically, the author of the blog reads through a book of the bible, and gives their comments on it. As I thought about it, this makes a tremendous amount of sense. It gives us something fairly regular to talk about here on the blog, plus it will keep me in line with my scripture reading.

Here's how we're going to do this around here. I'm going to read through Ephesians (I've been meaning to go through it for a while now), and add my comments here on the blog. I think what I'll do is just use my trusty NRSV Bible, and read from heading to heading rather than trying to tackle a chapter a day. If you've got a NRSV, feel free to follow along with me!

But then we're going to take a specific twist on this study. Let's take a look at how the Bible speaks to us as youth pastors. I've long said that we can learn how to do our job a touch better from what the Bible says, so let's actually do it! Are there gems in there that we can mine and learn how to minister to kids better with? I think so!

I'll have other posts too. Wouldn't want the worship leader stuff to get forgotten. And who will post youtube videos if I disappear?

So watch this afternoon for the first segment! We'll read from 1:1-14, so if you have a spare minute today and you'd like to take part, read along!

More later today!


Sarah said...

NRSV? What happened to your love of TNIV?