Yet Another Open Letter.

Dear Penguins,

Ok. Confidence is low right now. I get it. You guys are in a slump right now. There's no denying it. There's no pretending that it's something else. We're hurting a little bit, but it's not anything worth getting excited about. As FSN reminds us on a near nightly basis, we went through a slump that was almost exactly like this one last year, which we all thought was painful. By the way, how did that turn out in the end?

Oh. Right. Sorry I forgot.

So the message for tonight's letter is simple: relax. I don't play sports professionally, but I've heard that sometimes you guys get all mental on yourselves, so worried about fixing the "problems" that you don't enjoy the game. Enjoying the game is how you play your best. So as a fan, could I make a simple request of you this evening? More than winning, I'd like to see one of those goals where Sid can't stop himself from laughing at the end of it.

Ok, granted in that instance Backstrom showed his incredible skill by putting the puck in his own net. But all the same, we're playing the Maple Leafs tonight, so anything's possible. All I'm saying is have fun out there.

We'll get back to business some other time. :)

Your fan,