Back to work!

Hello bloggers!

After a long and relaxing Christmas Break, we're headin back to the office tomorrow morning! That means among other things, that I'm going to be coming back to blogging with a fair amount of consistency. But to get us started, here is a brief of list of things I'm excited to get back to in youth ministry:

  • Our messy office.
  • People excusing our messy office with the saying "oh, those are the youth guys."
  • Going to a meeting with our Senior Pastor, and hearing him introduce me: "This is Jason, he's our youth guy. Could you tell?"
  • Stopping at Dunkin Donuts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Kids stopping by our office after school.
  • Kids stopping by our office after school with food!
  • Chic-fil-a Fridays.
  • Our Tuesday morning staff bible study. So much fun/depth of conversation!
  • Listening to pop music under the pretense of including them in worship songs.
  • Having an awesome assistant in the desk beside me!
  • Drinking inordinate amounts of caffeine, and justifying it with parents by reminding them of our twice yearly lock ins. It takes all year to build up to that!
  • Writing sermons.
  • Studying God's word.
  • Praying for kids.
  • Working with kids.
  • Realizing every day that God has called me to something that is way too much fun!
What excites you about youth ministry?