An(other) open letter.

Ok. Hockey is a very superstitious sport. Some people have a particular way they tape their stick. Others don't wash very delicate pieces of clothing for months at a time. Still others wear baseball caps for entire seasons. It's all excused by being a hockey "tradition".

Last game, I wrote you guys a letter to get you all pumped up. And you won! You snapped a 5 game losing streak! And the goals, oh they were a-pretty! I've never been more pleased! But we can't stop there!

We're six points behind those pesky Devils for first in the division. Sure, they have kicked our rumps every time we've played them, and that obviously means the tiebreakers are theirs. But let's be serious here, Marty can't keep this up forever. Sooner or later he's going to tank, and we're all going to enjoy laughing about it. I'm guessing it will come shortly after the Olympic break. And don't kid yourself, Boston is right on our heels.

And while I write this letter to appease the hockey Gods once again, I doubt you need it. Tonight you play a team you hate enough to make your blood boil. In case any of you forgot, the first time you played these guys, Hartnell bit (!) a human being. How bad do you have to be at hockey to actually bite somebody? I'm thinking basement.

So go get 'em boys! Flyers nation has already prepared for what's about to happen.

Your biggest fan,