Big News!

Hello out there bloggers!
A few days ago, Ed and I were asked by some friends at Youth Specialties to film some clips for an announcement they were going to be making. As the stars of the J and Ed Variety Show, we jumped at the chance to put our awesome skills to work. I just had no idea that the announcement would be so huge and have such a big impact on YS. Here's the video:

Tic Long is coming back to YS! This calms a great deal of my nerves from before. Tic is a great great guy, and knows and respects youth workers with all his heart. Here's the blurb from YS:

He's back—Tic Long has returned to Youth Specialties! In the early years of the Youth Specialties ministry, Wayne Rice and Mike Yaconelli hired Tic Long. For more than 30 years Tic helped lead Youth Specialties and helped pioneer much of who and what the ministry is today. Tic's return as Executive Director of Youth Specialties is effective immediately. Most importantly, Tic has been tasked with leading Youth Specialties forward. His wealth of knowledge and expertise in the arena of youth ministry and his personal passion and love for youth workers will serve as a solid foundation in the growth and success of Youth Specialties.

So thanks YS for letting us be part of this announcement. And I would suggest we all continue to pray for Marko, who seems to have stumbled upon something awesome of his own!




adam mclane said...

thanks for your help making the video. It turned out fun! Seems like it fit right in with the announcement!