A brief list of things I am thankful for (in no particular order, please don't be offended):

  • jesus' love
  • sarah's love
  • my dad
  • my mom
  • my sister
  • my dogs
  • my dog's twitter account.
  • my band family
  • the pittsburgh penguins
  • the stanley cup rings they're all wearing this year.
  • interviews with evgeni malkin
  • the westminster staff (they're my best friends)
  • staying up all night debating theology with Matt
  • staying up all next day debating theology with Ed.
  • each and every single student who's a part of veritas.
  • seriously, I mean you.
  • sunny days
  • cloudy days accompanied by the right music
  • pumpkin spice lattes (fall only)
  • peppermint mocha (coming soon!)
  • dunkin donuts coffee
  • a flight on a plane
  • a flight on a plane at night time
  • a day off with the aforementioned sarah
  • a snow day (we get them off of work too!)
  • singing
  • singing at the bridge
  • the feel of a good guitar in your hands
  • hitting things
  • (the last one only applies to drums and my steering wheel in traffic)
  • vacations
  • new york city
  • Stuff Christians Like
  • pensblog
  • youth specialties. (even in the middle of whatever they're in the middle of, they're still the bees knees)
  • the saying "the bees knees"
  • marko and tic (I know it's probably because the whole sale thing's been on my mind, but I've been really appreciative of everything they've done for youth workers)
  • going over to friends houses for dinner
  • having friends over to our house for dinner
  • peanut chicken
  • writing
  • writing for j-blog
  • writing sermons
  • writing books
  • writing in my prayer journal
  • writing songs
  • people who comment on j-blog
  • fighting bears
  • a warm hoodie
  • old navy
  • t-shirts
  • the decemberists
  • the david crowder band
  • dave matthews band
  • dave matthews acting
  • filming the j and ed variety show
  • not capitalizing words.
  • my iphone
  • my laptop
  • colorful shoes
  • being silly.
Of course, I missed some things. Would you be so kind as to celebrate Thanksgiving J-blog style by leaving your comments below!

Happy Turkey Day everybody!