NYWC #8: Photoblog 4

Greetings again folks!
By the time you read this, I will be sitting in Atlanta wondering what to do with the next four hours of my life. But the writing of the next few posts was actually at about 1 AM on Monday, as I had a lot on my mind and was working on winding down. Anyway, check out the photos!

Donald Miller will be your speaker this morning. Be prepared for awesome sarcasm, biting wit, and being challenged to see the world in a different way!




Banjo. (Apparently there's no way to get a photograph of the banjo that isn't blurry. It rocks that hard!)

There's a really awesome artist here at NYWC this year named Scott Erikson. I hope it's ok that I'm posting some pictures of his work! (Let me know if it's not Scott, I'll take em right down). But this stuff is powerful and awesome. You should go to his website here and support him big time. Seriously. Have you purchased a painting yet?

This one was super cool. Based on a kid who was sponsored through Compassion. I really encourage you to (after your done supporting Scott) sponsor a child. Sarah and I have a child, and I promise you that it's absolutely a blessing.

This one was my favorite. I wanted to get it for Sarah, but I did not have the dollars. Really cool design.

Lilly Lewin's prayer station/experiential worship workshop. I have a lot of ideas that are coming from this, I'm sure there will be more on this later!

A rainy day, but I did dig this fountain all weekend. Good place to rest and think.

Ruth splashing in the puddles. Don't listen to peer pressure kids...

Hossa...you chossa...the wrong guys...

Seriously, how funny are the skit guys? SO funny!

I have two more posts left. One artsy fartsy one like the other ones, and then a wrap up, including my thoughts on the Zondervan Youth Specialties situation. Let's face it, everyone's thinking about it, and lots of people are blogging about it, and I want a piece of that pie. But I'd like to eat it when I'm more awake.