NYWC #6: Photoblog 3

Welcome again to another day in pictures! I'm posting this early, because I didn't do anything super spiritual or deep today, I just took some time for me, and I want to keep with two blog posts a day. That, and as my friend Kathy noted on Facebook, there's no way I'm sleeping with the amount of caffeine that's in my system. So that said...

The prayer chapel. I spent about 20-30 minutes in here. Super awesome time! I really regret that there needs to be candles and nifty lights for me to get serious about prayer, so I've been thinking about ways to take that experience home with me without having to set up an Ikea in my living room every day. I welcome your suggestions!

A Sanjay Gupta cut out stared us down during lunch. I dared Ed to steal the good doctore. Ed declined.

Our hotel from the outside. My window is that one WAAAAAAAAY at the top.

Centennial Park = one of my new favorite places. Nice to take a walk through.

Remember before when I said I would totally go to the aquarium if I was on vacation? Well my walk led me there, and I decided to spoil myself a little bit and go for it.

These guys (like Phillips Arena) will play a role later...keep reading

Shucks, I was totally going to sing Raffi.

Freaking HUGE crabs! Like, deadliest catch variety! Sick!

For my hippie wife.

Frog staring contest. He totally won.

Otters are one of my favorite animals.

These were all kinds of little tiny snakes poking up from the ground. They weren't nearly as cool as watching the women around this particular tank freak the heck out when they realized they were snakes. As if the 12 inch glass won't help them. Yikes...

So I'm chillen, checking out this cool shark in a seemingly normal tank, wondering if this was worth the money, when all of a sudden...

That's right, a whale shark. These things are monstrous! I don't think any of my pictures do it justice. I was trying to find some sort of way to give scale to what was going on, but these guys are massive.

It's like two Volvo's put back to back. I sat for another good 20-30 minutes watching these guys, just amazed at the great Creator we worship. Unbelievable.

Naps are good...

Oh yeah. My new friend Mike Swick and I went to the Pens/Thrashers game tonight. It was awesome! There were probably 3 Penguins fans for every 1 Thrasher fan. And we played an exceptional game! Fleury (whose Jersey now sits in my closet) had the game of his life! Seriously, keep an eye out on youtube folks, there were some killer saves made tonight!

Phillips Arena was so cool, I can't wait until they build the Consol Energy Center. I think it's going to bring a whole new atmosphere to Pens games. Those birds in that picture? Yeah, they shoot fire. No part of me understands why birds would shoot fire, but I guess they do.

All in all a great night! I feel like I've been fed enough for an entire convention, and there are still two days to go! Let's keep it up people!




Paul G said...

Hey man...I enjoyed reading your blogs about nywc. I just wanted to take a second to tell you that I'm a Pittsburgh fan (grew up in the Pittsburgh area) and I went to that penguins game too. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see them play when they were so close to where I was! Good times!