NYWC #0: Traveling.

Greetings friends! And welcome to this year's coverage of the National Youth Worker's Convention! I'll be blogging all through the convention, sharing a bit about what I've learned and supplementing my own thoughts all weekend! Enjoy!


The above collection of letters formed into a sound represent the feeling that shot through my bones as I woke up this morning to read that there was some sort of massive computer failure causing not only delays to every flight everywhere but also massive fleas were released all over the country. I might have made that second part up. But still, wasn't looking forward to a trip to the airport.

What I am looking forward to is this year's convention. I've been looking forward to it since about 1:00 PM Monday of last year's convention. Last year we stayed home in Pittsburgh, and this year we are traveling to Atlanta. Actually most of my crew is there already, and I am stuck in the Charlotte airport. You're right. It is a party.

I'm looking forward to meeting some new people. I'm looking forward to learning some new ideas and techniques in youth ministry. I'm looking forward to being invested in. I'm looking forward to my own hotel room (I can snore all I want!) This is certainly going to be awesome!

I'm planning on blogging my way through the convention every step of the way. Actually, little do a lot of people know, this blog was set up to cover last year's convention. I honestly didn't think I was going to last much longer than that, and here we are a year latter. My goodness what a difference a year makes! Take a look back over some of the old posts. Actually, don't. I'll be embarrassed!

Of course I will also make use of twitter, giving updates as I go and as I learn. I'm hoping to do a lot of writing this weekend, both about youth ministry and some other thoughts and jumbles that are going through my head. I wrote a bit in my journal on the flight. No one will be able to read it ever. Gotta love turbulance!

Oh, and I plan on keeping a running tab on coffee usage. This promises to be both entertaining and depressing. Each blog post will end with coffee beverages consumed, and the flavor of the day!

See you in Atlanta!

Coffee Stats:

2 cups regular coffee, brewed at home before departure.

1 Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. (This of course is predicting the future. The Starbucks is a bit of a distance away...)

Total Cups of Coffee: 3