NYWC #4: Photo Blog 2

Greetings friends!
A look back at yesterday through photographs!

Dr. Campolo lecturing. I learned my lesson from the last time I attended one of his lectures and sat way in the back. Crazy deep stuff though, really good session.

Phillips Arena is right across the street. This will come into place soon enough!

Youth workers doing what youth workers do best: going to lunch!

As for me and my house, we will dine with Larry King.

Standing in line for the Wendy's, I see a...could it be...is it possible that...

YES!!! Dunkin Donuts! What a glorious day!

The stage set up for the big rooms. Pretty cool the way they do their lights this year. Super cool production.

This one's for Sarah. In the book store they have a section for soul care, and right below the big sign you would find

Let your life speak by Parker Palmer. Sarah's been totally digging this book lately, and really wants me to read it. Apparently God does too!

Late night with Shane and Shane. What a perfectly wonderful way to end the evening!

I just got out of the prayer chapel! What a wonderful experience! More on that later.

Coffee Count:
Same as yesterday with the addition of a Pumpkin Spice Latte. The real joy of this latte was that it was free because I turned down maid service. I figure I've been living in my own filth for years, I can handle a weekend to save the environment and get some delicious coffee.

Total Cups of Coffee: 7


Sarah said...

Yay for Parker Palmer! Don't buy the book, though because I have it.