Your mother and I have been very worried about you!

Ok, so I really haven't been all that diligent with the blog. I can explain!
First things first:

GO PENS GO! I've been a little bit pre-occupied with the Penguins. Yes, we should have won it in 5 games rather than 6, and yes, I'm still a bit skeptical of us going all the way this year. But let's bask in the glory of beating up on the Broad Street Bullies a bit this year, eh?

Plus, I have had a couple of other projects going on:
  • Just last Sunday, we wrapped up our Confirmation process for the year. I have to say, it nearly killed me. We made it longer this year, which at first seemed like a good idea, but as I lie on the couch coughing my lungs out I'm beginning to think there may be a correlation. More on this later...
  • I picked up another sort of blogging gig at The Examiner. The tone over their is going to be a bit more formal, since I think it's kind of more like a news paper than a blog, but you get the idea. Don't worry loyal bloggers, this site will be up and running for a long time comin!
  • We're still recording. Really I only put this up because I like three bullet points. We haven't done anything with the new CD in weeks!
Many people have requested the video of the LOCKumentary. It is in the oven right now, and when YouTube approves it, it will appear in this spot right here. What should I put here in the meantime? Hmmmmmmmmmm.....

As for me, I'm taking this week off to 1) Hopefully shake this freaking cold that won't leave me alone and 2) just kind of push the reset button. I've been going and going and going and going to the point that I think I've just worn myself out, so I need to take some time to remedy that.

More to come!