Apparently I'm Metro?

Greetings friends!
I am so super happy to have a day off today. It's been an incredibly long couple of weeks, and I can tell that the remainder of the Veritas Schedule is going to be physically demanding (lock-in, followed by confirmation retreat, followed by confirmation sunday, followed by student leadership interviews, followed by student leadership retreat, followed by Ed's backpacking trip, followed get the idea). So I'm sitting at home being a boring slob.
So I made a cup of French Press coffee, sat down to my computer and started getting caught up on blogs. There is one that I've been reading lately that is absolutely hilarious. It's called Stuff Christians Like, and if you haven't been there, you need to go right now. Like right now.
But anyway, I was browsing some of the older stuff on that blog, and came across a quiz about whether your worship pastor was metrosexual or not. I thought, ok, I'll bite, because this is the man I most frequently emulate on Sunday mornings: 
How metro could I possibly be, right?
I scored a 29!!! 
So here's what I need bloggers. I need a recount. Most of you go to Westminster or First Presby Murrysville, and thusly have had some sort of access to my worship leading prowess. I would like you to go here as well, and take the quiz for me. Let me know if you get me to score any lower. This will certainly boost my self esteem, which currently resides around my ankles. 
If of course you find me scoring higher, keep it to yourself.