Sunday Post Game: The Mind of Christ

Hey kids!
I thought I'd write something that didn't involve a video of me dancing. You can thank me later.
Honestly, there might not be much of a "Post Game" to speak of today. I had absolutely no responsibilities for the Bridge today. Ed was the worship leader. Jim was preaching. Elise did the prayers. I have to say, it was really nice. We went with a much more chill worship service today (more on this in a minute), so I just pulled out the olde acoustic guitar and fiddled around. It was quite fun. Set list action:
  • Here is Our King (Crowder)
  • Mighty to Save (Hillsong)
  • Hosanna Song (Sutter) 
  • Your Love is Extravagant (Darrel Evans)
  • I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (Martin Smith)
  • Sing to the King (Billy Foote)
As I mentioned, it was quite a chilled out week for us.  At first, this just didn't seem right to me for a Palm Sunday celebration, right? We're supposed to celebrate the parade aspect of this particular holiday, right? Join in the celebration of a joyous King on his way to save us, that sort of thing. Some how a two acoustic guitars and a cello don't seem to convey that point. But as we were playing through the soundcheck, it occured to me that a donkey probably wasn't the most ruckus and party inspiring method either...

Jim preached from Philippians 2, about how we are to have a like-mind to that of Christ. What an awesome responsibility for us! Most of us can't even claim to know what would be going on inside the mind of Christ, let alone agree to share a like mind. What would you act like if you knew the people who were cheering for you and laying their coats down at your feet were going to betray you in less than 7 days? Would you go through with it? Would you love them anyway? Do we love them today?

Just some good food for thought I think. Tomorrow morning I'm heading back into the studio. I only have 5 more songs of my own to set up on the acoustic, and then I'm going to lay down some scratch vocals. If I could get all that done this week, I think we're going to start seeing some huge progress made on the CD. Either way, tune in tomorrow for another Studio Blog.
Good to be back with all you bloggers,