Studio Blog Day Four: Maybe I'm too close to the Bridge...

While I'm at it, I'll share a little bit about my day in the studio yesterday.
It was not fun.
I have a simple goal this week for our worship team's album: I have to finish my stuff by Sunday. If I can do that, I think there will be relatively smooth sailing between us and the finished album. Right now though, I just seem to be all kinds of in my head, and it's making it hard to wrap up my set up stuff. 
Yesterday morning though the computer was malfunctioning all over the place. For some reason, the hard drive on which all of the recording thus far is stored decided it would become a read only drive. This made recording impossible, only I didn't know it was the hard drives fault. I thought it was an issue with Garageband. Thankfully, I wasn't as dumb as I could have been. I nearly erased all the album I had been working on thus far from garageband, and was completely ready to work in Logic (a much better program, granted, but one I also don't yet fully understand). So from 9 AM until noon, I didn't record a single note. Disapointment City. 
After I had figured out the problem and got things going, it was smooth sailing. I laid down some initial vocals (I realize I will likely come back and do these over again, but at least the rest of the band will be able to tell where they are in the song) on Chemwehmweh, Loving Wings, Hold Me Closer, and Lights of Eden. Lights of Eden though is interesting, because I realized it might be a great place to plug in some of the special guest vocalists. More on that later I'm sure. Then I wrapped up guitar parts for Heart and Soul. Then I went home.
I'm going to be in the studio a bit the next few days, hoping beyond hope to get finished by Sunday. Tune in for another blog post later today!