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Hello friends!

We are 10 days away from my first final at the seminary since my return. This final has caused me a tremendous deal of stress, because it is just about the only grade I'll get in this class. I get 50% for finishing my journals every day, but that's a given. So the whole thing comes down to the final, as whatever grade you get on that test will likely be what you get in the class.

I'm trying something new this term, as in I'm actually reading for class. This is new. You may be thinking, that's a very good thing Jason! Way to go! But alas, there's a draw-back. This class has thrown so much reading at me that it's making my head spin, and I'm told this is a light class. I feel very much like the picture above!

So these past few nights I've been trying to reduce the readings down to study guides, so that for the next week I can start to focus myself a bit more. But again, this is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I haven't taken any tests in this class. I haven't written any essays. I have no idea what this professor is looking for, and I have no idea what he puts emphasis on out of the massive amounts of reading.

I'm told the test will go down like this: he will give us 6 short answer essays, and I get to pick which three I want to answer. So hopefully I'll be able to narrow down to stuff I know and know well. But until then, I'm going to hit the books and study guides. I'm also going to ask you guys for your prayers, because I'm a nervous wreck! I appreciate it you all! And in return, I'll blog my way through the next week and a half!