The Pixar Effect

Toy Story

At the risk of sounding like a creepy old guy, I really enjoy going to see children's movies. Particularly the movies that have been coming out lately, really since Toy Story. Shrek, Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc. These movies are absolutely hilarious!

What strikes me at the moment though is how there are jokes or lines in these movies that only the parents are finding funny. The kids are still laughing, because there's an inherent goofiness to the characters. But the jokes are told on a level that both the kids and the adults are finding funny.

I envy this skill from these movie producers, because at the moment I'm writing a play for our Breakfast in the Manger event in a few weeks. I have the extremely difficult job of making something that is somehow funny to the kids in the audience, but also on a level that the adults may chuckle at as well. The very fact that I am sitting here blogging about it instead of writing the task at hand is an indication that I am stumped on this one, and may need some help.

What are some of your favorite jokes from kids stories? Are there any favorite children's books you like to read?