Falling Behind

Hello bloggers!

I am planning on finishing the Ephesians series. I've actually finished the reading, I'm just way behind on the writing. I have a new battle plan for us too when we get done with Ephesians, and I'm pretty excited to get started with it. But first things first, we have to wrap up, so I'm going to get on to that later on today.

Don't you hate falling behind though? I've been pretty on top of things lately, but I can tell that I'm starting to lose pace with the to-do list. Not just with the blog, but with things in my ministry and even in my personal life. I'm not behind yet, but I'm working on it!

What do you do when you start falling behind? What are some of your tips and tricks to snapping out of it and picking up the pace?

For me, it's all about beating back resistance and just getting some stuff done. So if you don't see a blog post about Ephesians today, please feel free to come to my office and punch me square in the face.

That ought to take care of things!