Do a dance

Greetings friends!

When was the last time you too some time to celebrate your ministry? I feel like a lot of times as youth pastors we work on encouraging each other, trying to tell each other that though our jobs might suck at times, that it's for an important purpose and all of that. This is all very true, and incredibly necessary, but I wonder if we're also spending the appropriate amount of time celebrating.

Case in point: This weekend was HUGE for us at Veritas. Friday and Saturday we took our leadership team (both students and adults) on a retreat to work on some system upgrades for our program. It went swimmingly! We worked through a series of small but effective changes to implement into our program. Nothing that's going to stress us out too hard, but at the same time small changes that will make a TREMENDOUS difference. The weekend left me feeling energized, encouraged, and ready to get to work on making a better youth group for our students and their families.

Sunday was Confirmation Sunday. Unlike last year, I walked away from Confirmation class feeling super encouraged and energized! It was an amazing group of kids, and the few subtle tweaks that we made to the system wound up working just as well as could possibly have been expected. On Sunday, we capped it all off by having the kids read their statements of faith and doing some storytelling for the whole congregation. It was an incredible time of worship for me.

At one point on Sunday, while I was walking around in the bowels of the church, I did a quick little jig. It had to happen. There was too much good going on! I had to dance, and I didn't care if anyone saw me (though thankfully no one did).

When was the last time you danced over the things that were going well in your ministry? When was the last time you recognized how well things were going? If you're in a dark season, can you take some time out of your day to search through the darkness and find the bright spots? What would it take to make you dance?

Let's dance together!

Grace and Peace,



shallowfrozenwater said...

that was funny little vid actually.
i suppose that a literal dance probably doesn't work since i don't remember the last literal jig i did over the worship stuff in my life but my spirit dances regularly over the things that God does in my life.
blessings on you and your ministry.