iPad: Selling the experience.

Tonight I spent some time watching the Apple iPad keynote again. Why you ask? Because I want one and I am a complete and total dork. I could launch into a huge "everything Apple makes is amazing" rant, but we've been there before. Tonight though, I noticed something new.

The iPad isn't available yet. It's not even in the stores for people to go and play with. All we know at this point are that it exists, and the technical specs that are going to be related to the iPad. A lot of people lately have been super critical of the new computer, saying it hasn't lived up to the hype. First of all, God himself would have to design the iPad to live up to all the hype that preceded the announcement. Nothing was going to be as cool as the internet's collective imagination, and I think Steve Jobs knew that.

The keynote focused less on the technical specs of the iPad, and more on the experience a user would have with the device. Steve (yes, we're on a first name basis now. He calls me "that blogger guy I've never heard of", which oddly enough is on my birth certificate...) kept referring to what it felt like to hold the internet in your hands. He mentioned how much fun it was to look at the photographs. He sat at a couch, not displaying the device standing up the way he has at almost every other product introduction in the company's history. Essentially, Steve was telling us that the tech specs are nice, but the experience was what would really interest people.

Now, to take that a step further, when we think about our evangelism techniques, are we really going to convince anybody how much they need Jesus by simply telling them the "tech specs?" Are people even remotely interested in what our faith is like, or are they interested in what our faith can do? If we shared our Christian experience with people, would we be more successful than if we just recited four spiritual laws?

When you're this behind the experience, you get this excited about the experience. My arguement here is that if your life has truly, deeply been affected by Jesus' redemptive work on the cross, aren't you that excited about it? Aren't you even more excited about it? Don't you want to share it with people in a creative and energetic way?

I think there's a lot more here, but I'm tired and there's a dog asleep on my lap. I'd love to hear your comments though!